Here is a collection of websites that were created using  yola's web-based site editor.
The purpose of forsite, also created with yola, is to showcase other users websites (some still under construction).

Yola is a web-based site editor that provides website building, publishing, and hosting for anyone and everyone, and its totally free. The site's application is similar to that of desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher, and people with little to no skill in
web site editing and design will be pleased with how user-friendly the interface is. It has many customizable template options for you to choose from and new pages can be added with just the click of a button.

Yola’s web-based site editor allows you to update your site wherever you are. Everything you need to edit a site is there. I would encourage anyone wanting to build themselves a site, to test out yola. The guys are onto something fantastic and their support team are always online, ready to help.

Some of Yola's previously featured sites





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